There are currently two active cumulative updates, CU4 and CU5.


DAX Hot Fixes

Hot Fix 15 (TFS 17371) corrects an issue found in CU4. When you reprint documents, just the bulk documents reprint and not the split.

Hot Fix 14 (TFS 12131) corrects a problem in which the Import Web Ranking File generated an error when you tried to run it in batch.

Hot Fix 13 (TFS 17249) prevents customers from setting sales lines to scrap/non-adjusting inventory and setting who orders to Billing Only Non-Adjusting inventory to get orders to invoices. It also adds codes to allow check for lines that have inventory in a deducted/delivered/packed state or a sold/invoiced state.

Hot Fix 12 (TFS 17199) adds Help file properties to HP forms in DAX, allowing the customer to access Help.

Hot Fix 11 (TFS 17085) - In the Cloud QA environment, when deposits added to an order, and that order was then deleted, the transactions were still recorded as a deposits in the ledger.

Hot Fix 10 (TFS 17075) - In the Cloud QA environment, when the wholesaler PO transmission was run for a sales order, an Infolog error occurred.

Hot Fix 9 (TFS 17036) - In the Cloud QA environment, when a user tried to run the Publish Smart Search Lists and Contracts job (MBSDEV > Web portal > Publish Smart Search Lists and Contracts), an Infolog error displayed indicating that the configuration setting, OP-126 (Smart Search Prefix Designator) needed to be set. This error occurred even if the Process Contracts check box was not marked.

Hot Fix 8 (TFS 11689 and 17044) - Task 16689 addressed a problem in which an invoice posting error occurred when a user attempted to fully pay an invoice with a credit card. The error stated “The settled customer or vendor balance for the transaction must not exceed the transaction amount.” This indicated that the system was using the cash settlement amount which is 1% less than the credit card settlement amount. Task 17044 addressed a problem with deposits not working.

Hot Fix 7 (TFS 16985 and 17007) - TFS 16985 addressed problems with contract units of measure (UOM) and pricing. Contract UOM an pricing were not honored on hard substitutions or when the items were added to the cart. Task 17007 addressed a problem in which a Website was not displaying warehouse level UOM, when the item was added to the cart.

Hot Fix 6 (TFS 8125) - When orders that had deposits added to them were deleted, the deposits still showed in the ledger. The hot fix adds code that reverses the deposit when the order is deleted.

Hot Fix 5 (TFS 4333) - When the user changed the address during check-out, the method of delivery and tax were calculated for the original address, not the new address. It was found that the new address’ city was being truncated and the tax group could not be found in the system. It was also found that the tax data was not set up correctly for the new address’ city. The truncation problem was corrected and we communicated the setup problem to the customer.

Hot Fix 4 (TFS 15742) - This hot fix allows the dealer to provide quotations without requiring a credit card. Credit card information is required at confirmation if the quote becomes an order.

Hot Fix 3 (TFS 7770) - This is a critical hot fix. SP Richards invoices were not processing correctly in the Cloud environment. This was caused by SP Richards sending $0.00 invoice lines for items that were ordered but not shipped. DAX was modified to accept the $0.00 invoice lines.

Hot Fix 2 (TFS 15550) - The Order Detail by Account Rep report was incorrect. It was showing negative commissions. This was corrected.

Hot Fix 1 (TFS 6068, 14284, and 16047) - This hot fix integrated HP Sure Supply functionality in Build 119, Cumulative Update 4. HP Sure Supply functionality and setup is described in the HP Sure Supply Dealers Guide. This hot fix is in pilot tested and is not generally available at this time.

Web Hot Fixes

Hot Fix 17 - 17663 - E-Deals enhancement.

Hot Fix 16 - 17595, 17599, 17685 - Digital Analytics: 1) Incorrect page id and category id in pageview tags of category pages that are loaded as a result of on-site keyword search; 2) Incorrect search keyword (se) in pageview tag that is triggered on the search results page; 3) Extra special characters in on-site search terms.

Hot Fix 15 - 17742 - Sales Connect users on Smart Search are getting server errors when trying to view cart.

Hot Fix 14 - 16699 - Smart Search - add support for user icons functionality into Smart Search.

Hot Fix 13 - 16878 - From AccountsReceivableInfo page and going to a different page throws an application error.

Hot Fix 12 - 16107 - Price Finder in Chrome only keeps processing after adding an item and will not allow you to continue with another item.

Hot Fix 11 - 17624 - Change Hierarchy Items stored procedure to call on per item basis.

Hot Fix 10 - 17198 - New user able to bypass requirement to select a shipping address even with Theme Property set.

Hot Fix 9 - 17485 - Prices visible on Order Guides and Checkout when user has rule-00114.

Hot Fix 8 - 17401 - Navigating to item detail page generating server error.

Hot Fix 7 - 17375 - Populate the Brand Icons Widget from Theme Properties.

Hot Fix 6 - 16963 - When logged in as Sales Rep only, many items are showing incorrect selling points that are not in DAX.

Hot Fix 5 - 17136 - Items with +R not showing in Category Search. They do not work as a minus as in CDs and DVDs.

Hot Fix 4 - 16881, 16936 - UOM not functioning correctly on Website.

Hot Fix 3 - The following lists the TFS tasks implemented in Hot Fix 3.

16381 - In Sales Rep Connect, when a sales representative logged in and went to the accounts receivable page (SalesRepARInfo.aspx), an error occurred, and also when they selected page 2.

16563 - In both Customer Connect and Sales Rep Connect, step 1 of the checkout process, where the user selected the alt address, was skipped.

16374 - The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) were not displaying correctly.

16746 - In Sales Rep Connect, when the user deleted items from the Contract Maintenance page, an error occurred.

Hot Fix 2 (TFS 6068) - The Web-site modifications needed to support HP SureSupply. This hot fix is currently in pilot testing and is not generally available at this time.

Hot Fix 1 - The following lists the TFS tasks implemented in Hot Fix 1.

16315 - When the user selected Quick View for any item, an error occurred.

16398 - Smart Search filters were not working correctly.


DAX Hot Fixes

Hot Fix 1 (TFS-18487 and 18915) - WMS replenishment transfers not pulling from correct bin and have access quantity.  Enhanced Content throwing event viewer error.

WEB Hot Fixes

Hot Fix 1 - The following lists the TFS tasks implemented in Hot Fix 1.

18516 - WEB -- variable _useTestXML on SRPIncomingOrder.aspx.cs  is set to true, preventing order request processing.

18552 - Remove Description element from smart merch call.

18349 - DigitalAnalytics:Incorrect Add to cart function codes are captured in explore filed 5 in shop 5 tags that are fired on cart page and Shop 9 tags that are fired on supplier finder page.

18351 - DigitalAnalytics:Extra special characters in all tags.

18391 - SEO meta data is not being created on item detail pages when smart search is enabled.

18410 - Budget is showing the wrong year online.

18476 - CU5 - Text on home page is duplicating after the CU5 update.

18484 - CU5 - Search is not corrected for sales reps as stated.

18486 - CU5 - A random 10 digit number is showing for all items in the Most Popular section.  I cannot find where this number is coming from.  It is not the UNSPSC.

Hot Fix 2 (TFS-18757 and 18760) - Task-18757: Punchout request taking user to login page and not landing page - no match to mbsWBWebUserContact when it exists, Task-18760: After upgrading to CU5, Hotfix 1, none of the users are able to login to website with their credentials.

Hot Fix 3 (TFS-18831 and 18833) - Task 18831: Users cannot view cart details when cart is on hold. When a cart is on hold waiting for approval the users cannot “view” the contents, Task-18833: When clicking on the Item ID or Return link on the Order & Invoice History page (OrderResearchC.aspx), both links takes you back to the login page to login.aspx.

Hot Fix 4 - The following lists the TFS tasks implemented in Hot Fix 4.

18834 - Once logged in and viewing Accounts Receivable link for this initial account, then you change accounts and view Accounts Receivable link again, it still shows the orders for the original account.

18885 - If you add more than 1 of the same item to your cart, the icon shows up for each item multiple times. Example: You add MMM836RS30 twice to your cart, the icon shows up twice for each item in your cart. (CartDetailsD.aspx).

18903 - Looks like we have an Icon Indicator mismatch.  When Smart Search is turned on, it uses the ()Indicator Type of “Minority Vendor.”  The websites have always used the type name of Minority.  This needs to be fixed for Smart Search.

18925 - Ghosting Items When Smart Search is activated.

18931 - UOM Dropdown not working correctly with Supercede Hard Subs and Contract UOM.

18945 - When clicking “Add To Cart” under featured products, it does not add to cart like it is supposed to, but it does not display the message that it is not adding to cart because it is excluded.

18967 - Unique GSB skus are duplicating at final step of checkout screen (checkoutD_Review.aspx).

18299 - Web - Cannot View Orders nor make active for Approval when you are a secondary approver.

18499 - The “Made in the USA” icon is not showing and it should be.

18770 - Quick view is not working while on Summary View.

18804 - The RecoverPassword.aspx page asks for username. What if you forgot or don't know your username.

18828 - When our customer tries to use SalesRepHomePagee.aspx page, it does not show the fields for the customer with the correct data on this sales rep page.

18540 - Smart Search: When searching for "Candy" and picking option under related categories, it returns no match when there are matches.